Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pepperoni Pete -005

I'm participating in a story-a-day challenge from a Reddit writing group. My story is based on this prompt.


The strange thing about him was that he always seemed to be snacking on a pepperoni stick. And, since his name was Pete, it was an instant nickname. So Pepperoni Pete... where do I begin? This kid was covered in a constant sheen of grease, from top to bottom. Besides the pepperoni, he also carried a pocket full of napkins, which he used to wipe his greasy hands and face all the time.

He was otherwise an attractive kid; he smelled like spices and exotic herbs. His grandfather was an import food wholesaler, and Pepperoni Pete worked after school feeding things none of us had heard of into a gigantic mill. So he always smelled... delicious.

We'd have him over for parties quite often; he was really popular, and everyone wanted a piece of him the moment he came through the door. I think he was so popular because he was so versatile: he could be cheesy with the girls, a little bit spicy with the guys, and he even managed to please the vegetarian weirdos. Sometimes he could be a bit thick, but a lot of people liked him like that. A lot of people thought that he had to be complex, a mix of exotic and earthiness all wrapped up in one dish. But to me, though, he was at his best when he was simply Pepperoni Pete.

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